What are Induction Sealing Wads? And How to avoid leakages and tampering in Induction Sealing Wads?

Induction sealing is a simple method that involves sealing the mouth of a container/bottle with an aluminum foil disc to ensure the product’s safety inside. It is accomplished by inserting the foil disc into the cap and passing the bottle through an induction sealer after filling and sealing. Once the container is capped and electronically heated, the induction seal is designed to seal the container’s rim evenly.

The container contents are protected from spills and contamination, and the container is also pilfering proof, thanks to induction sealing wads. The induction wads are tampering proof and more safe and effective than ever before, thanks to the magic of holography. The holographic induction seal will be visible as the assurance of quality and uniqueness once the cap is opened to drink the contents and will have to be punctured to drink the contents, assuring that it cannot be recycled. Pharmaceutical, Lubricant, Insecticide and Pesticide, FMCG and Chemical sectors to mention a few, use these wads.


To prevent leakage, most industrial factories require liquid chemical products to be sealed before the product is shipped, which prevents any other hazardous chemicals from spilling on other shipments.


Through these induction sealing wads, the unwanted pollutants are kept at a distance from seeping into food products, extending the shelf life of certain food products.

Pilferage protection

The process through which induction wads are manufactured helps in preventing the final product from being broken. It is noticed that most of the pharmaceutical companies purchase induction sealing liners that ensure leaving liner film or foil residue on bottles.

Increased sustainability

Holistic is the main manufacturer of holographic wads because it contributes to the product’s long-term viability by allowing for lighter bottle weights. After all, the pack relies on the weight of the induction foil seal for maximum security.

The end line

The Induction Sealing Wads are used to seal containers and preserve their contents from degradation or contamination caused by exposure to air, moisture, or any other unwanted impurity. Thus, the applications of induction sealing wads are widely used by many industries.

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